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Chocolates by Delanda offers you a truly decadent indulgences of gourmet chocolates. We handcraft our turtles, nut clusters, and rum balls from scratch, and cover them with fine chocolates.


Only the finest ingredients are used to make our sweet treats, and it all starts with caramel made from pure cane sugar, cream, butter and pure vanilla extract. Then we mix in fresh pecans, almonds, brazil nuts, and cashew nuts from around the world. Finally we cover them in your choice of milk, dark, white or sugar-free milk chocolate.


Now if you desire nothing more than fine chocolate and nuts . . . no need to worry we have handcrafted nut clusters for your gourmet pleasure. And for the true chocolate lover who desires nothing more, we offer our signature rum balls made with rum from the Caribbean handcrafted just for you.


No matter your choice, we guarantee you will enjoy your gourmet treat.


Delanda Jones,

Owner & Chocolatier

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