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Getting Ready for the Holiday's

I love the holiday season! Not for the reason most people do, but for the season itself. I love the feeling we get around the holidays, the feeling we just can't seem to keep going into the rest of the year. People are a little nicer to each other, and they smile more, (some don't even realize they are doing) and they laugh more. Yes that is the reason I love the holiday season. I love to convert the house into a winter wonderland, and give it that extra feeling of love. Yes I put Christmas in ever room of my house (including my sons room, which he HATES, but I don't care!) and on the outside as well.

The holiday season is a time for sharing and giving, but also a time to reflect on our lives this past year. Every year I host Christmas Eve Brunch, and invite all of my family and friends over for a elaborate spread of foods, spirits, and wines. There is music, fellowship, and most important a meal with family and friends. Then we are off to the stores for last minute Christmas gifts and items for Christmas dinner. The night is filled with putting together the kids Christmas gifts, cooking dinner, and laughing about Christmas past.

So what's your tradition? What do you do during the holiday season?

Happy Holidays!


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